RESTLESS Music Production

Music Production & Editing for Danceshows, Showreels,
Artist Performance Remixes
& Fitness instructors.

Mixing / Editing

We custom edit the songs
you've chosen and make them blend perfectly.
No more "track skipping" cuts and unbalanced volumes!
We also adjust the tempo of your track to the BPM you require.

Editing / Production fusion

We custom edit / mix your music and add effects like hits, swoshes, layers of pads etc.
that enhance the visual experience of your perfomance.
We also adjust the tempo of your tracks to the BPM you require.


We create a new beat / track to custom fit your Stage / Video performance.
Just give us the BPM & style you would like your track to have.
Or send us a video of your choreography and we'll create a track to fit it perfectly.

restless music
how it

Custom made music to your exact specifications. Perfect for shows, theme-classes, special events or if you just want unique music for your regular classes.