How it works


Send your music to
Don’t forget instructions on how you want it edited along with the order of the songs and timecodes for where to cut.

1 "Billie Jean" 0.00min - 0.32min + 1.04min-1.44min
2 "Vogue" 2.37min-3.12min + 3.26min-3.51min + 4.02min-4.08min
and so on.

If you haven’t decided which parts of the songs you want to choreograph and need consultation on that we can gladly help you with that!

We highly recommend not sending us mp3 files under 320kps (right click on the file and choose "info" to see the quality of your file). We do realize that Itunes is probably where you will have the easiest time finding your music and, unless it is meant for a large set of speakers, that quality is usually OK.

Since the sound quality of the track you send can’t be improved, make sure that the music you send is up to the standard you are aiming for.

Editing / Production fusion

Follow the EDITING instructions above and either send us a video of your choreography that shows us where sound effects as hits, swoshes etc. will have most effect and impact. Or write instructions based on timecodes as above.

You’re always welcome to call us and describe more in detail what you want it to sound like. And of course we will gladly consult if you don’t have a finished plan to make your mix perfect for what you want to achieve.


For anything you would like us to produce from scratch, we highly recommend to start with a phone call. This process has various ways to reach its final result.